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Flow Vintage Tremolo

Universal Audio Flow Vintage Tremolo

Merk: Ua



€ 219,00

Barcode: 819937003905

Categorieën: Universal Audio, UAFX Guitar Pedals,

Evolved from our flagship Astra Modulation Machine, Flow Vintage Tremolo gives you three flavors of tube-driven wiggle and shake — from old school to modern — in a dapper, compact package.
Authentic emulations of three tube-driven tremolo effects, captured in a compact stompbox

Perfectly captured tube preamp for fat, three-dimensional tremolo tones

Three tremolo modes: Dharma (harmonic tremolo), 65 (round, sine wave), and Square (choppier, square wave)

Onboard tap tempo for syncing trem effects

Volume control and true/buffered bypass

Timeless UA design and craftsmanship, built for decades of dependable performance