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Faderport 8 cover

Merk: Decksaver



€ 49,56

Barcode: 5060348664031

Categorieën: Decksaver, NAMM 2024 Product News,

The PreSonus FaderPort 8, acclaimed for revolutionising mixing and production workflows with its eight-channel control and user-friendly design, has quickly become a centrepiece in contemporary studios. Recognising its importance and in response to widespread requests, we are delighted to unveil the Decksaver cover for the PreSonus FaderPort 8. Forged from high-strength polycarbonate, this cover is painstakingly crafted to provide sturdy protection against dust, spills, and accidental impacts, ensuring your FaderPort 8 remains in optimal condition.

Our Decksaver cover is precision-engineered to fit perfectly with the PreSonus FaderPort 8, ensuring a close fit over its faders, buttons, and knobs, whilst conveniently allowing for all necessary connections. This design demonstrates a profound understanding of audio professionals’ requirements, offering ease of use for those who need quick access for setup and disassembly. Whether you’re operating in a bustling studio, a home recording environment, or transporting your equipment, our cover serves as a protective barrier, shielding the sensitive components of your FaderPort 8 from the rigours of daily use.

Choosing our Decksaver cover for your PreSonus FaderPort 8 is more than just a protective step; it’s a commitment to the durability and longevity of a crucial component of your studio setup. Highly coveted by industry professionals, this cover is the definitive choice for anyone serious about keeping their PreSonus FaderPort 8 in flawless operational condition, ready for any creative project or mixing challenge that lies ahead.

  • Patented smoked/clear transparency, unique to Decksaver.
  • Protects against dust, liquid and impact.
  • Shields vulnerable faders, switches and knobs during transportation.

  • Weight: 0.365 kg
  • Length: 34 cm
  • Width: 30.9 cm
  • Height: 3.4 cm